French “Cold in Hand”


Just because I love it and in recognition of the fact that my French publisher, Rivages, is, this week, bringing out a mass market paperback edition of my 2008 Resnick novel, Cold in Hand, I’m seizing the opportunity to flash up the jacket, the basic design of which I’m chuffed they’ve maintained from the original French publication. [And there’s some pretty exciting book jacket/publication news to come from Random House/Arrow in the not too distant future!]

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6 responses to “French “Cold in Hand”

  1. patricia (preferably "Pat) Wright

    A recent magazine article poi nted out how many of the newer mystery genre book covers featured a girl walking away. Your French publisher has shown some originalilty by “facing” her fowards. Hope they haven’t tampered with the contents!

  2. Linda ponting

    C’est Bon, tres bien monsieur! La belle femme Linda.

  3. harvey70plus

    Merci a vous, Linda. [Et Patricia, aussi – pardonnez moi, Pat]

  4. Bill McCulloch

    Is it a French translation ?

  5. harvey70plus

    Bill : It is, indeed, a French translation – sometimes, for reasons I’m not totally clear of, they decide to keep the English title.

  6. Bill mcculloch

    Good , will try to get a copy .

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