Camden Arts Centre

As a change from my own stuff, I thought I’d take this opportunity  to direct you to my daughter, Molly’s (somewhat irregular) blog, the intriguingly named 99 Centaurs, variously dealing, as it says, with sports, photography, films, books and random stuff. Not sure why she doesn’t mention the cat.

So here’s a link to her piece detailing a recent visit to Camden Arts Centre to see – and take pictures of – Eric Bainbridge’s steel sculptures [and sample the offerings at the excellent café].

Well worth checking out, I think, for her photographs … a sample of which is here.

Molly Boiling

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One response to “Camden Arts Centre

  1. patricia (preferably "Pat) Wright

    As usual, Molly’s picturess are great and certainly confirm her developing “eye” ,but the “art” leaves me cold! Iprefer my art more representational.

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