Reading Matters, April 2014

Recently finished :

  • Middlemarch, George Eliot
  • The Ongoing Moment, Geoff Dyer
  • The Black Echo, Michael Connelly
  • The Spinning Heart, Donal Ryan

Currently reading :

  • The Blazing World, Siri Hustvedt
  • Y0u’re Looking Very Well – The Surprising Nature of Getting Old, Lewis Wolpert
  • The Fun Stuff & Other Essays, James Wood

Lined up & waiting :

  • Henry James, His Women & His Art, Lyndall Gordon
  • Bedouin Hornbook, Nathaniel Mackey
  • Patient, Ben Watt
  • Look Back in Anger – The Miners’ Strike in Nottinghamshire 30 Years On, Harry Paterson
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4 responses to “Reading Matters, April 2014

  1. Harry Paterson

    Hi John, as a huge fan of your work, I was extremely flattered to find my own humble effort listed in your ‘lined up and waiting’ section. I do hope you enjoy it.
    I shall be attending your event at Waterstones in Nottingham, at the end of May, and, if you have a few moments, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

  2. John Harvey

    Harry : Thanks for getting in touch. We may get the chance to meet before the Waterstone’s event, as I shall be at the Notts Miners event on Friday 25th and I imagine you’ll be there, too.

  3. John: bugger!!! Only just seen your reply. Ross – the sod! – didn’t tell me you were there until you’d left. Dammit.
    I hope you had an agreeable evening. I readily admit to being on poor form. Strange, but I’ve done a stack of these things all over the UK, since the book came out, and found it all very enjoyable. A gig on my home-turf, however, induced an entirely unexpected attack of nerves.. Coupled with losing my place in my notes, I gave a rather shambolic display, I’m afraid.
    Anyway, I’m looking very much forward to the 22nd. It will be a pleasure meet you and, of course, to perhaps having you sign my copy of the final (*sob*) Resnick yarn.
    I shall manfully resist the inclination to selfish fan boyism and not bring along my other eleven Resnicks for signing ;-) Another time, hopefully.
    Bloody good luck with it and I hope it does great business.
    See you on the 22nd.

  4. John Harvey

    Agreeable evening, indeed. Very much so. See you at Waterstone’s, certainly. Take care till then.


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