Photography: A Question of Colour

I’ve written, briefly, before about the current photography show at Somerset House, Cartier Bresson: A Question of Colour, which I revisited yesterday, when it looked, if possible, even better than before. The Bresson pictures – black and white shots taken in America very much under the influence of Walker Evans and never shown in this country before- are well worth going to see in themselves, but its the colour photographs arranged around them which, time after time, took my breath away. Helen Levitt. Ernst Haas. Saul Leiter. Trente Parke. Harry Gruyaer. Magnificent!

The show closes on Sunday, 27th January. If you’re in London and have got an hour to spare, get down there while you can. I doubt if you’ll regret it. Oh, and did I say? It’s free.


Helen Levitt


Ernest Haas


Harry Gruyaer


Saul Leiter


Trente Park



One thought on “Photography: A Question of Colour

  1. How did this get past my radar! There’s lots of good on like the just finished ‘everything was moving’ at the Barbican and “Klein Moriyama” at the tate (finishes 20th!) – but this looks like a real treat – ‘ll go tomorrow! Thanks

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