“Out of Silence” at last

by John Harvey

Just like buses, wait ages for a new John Harvey book and two come along at the same time. May 22nd sees the publication, not only of Darkness, Darkness, the final Resnick novel, but also Out of Silence: New & Selected Poems.

Harvey-Out of Silence 2

That there’s a new poetry book at all – and, crucially, new poems to go in it – is almost exclusively down to Peter Sansom of Smith/Doorstop, editor and publisher of my two previous collections, Ghosts of a Chance (1992) and Bluer Than This (1998), whose somewhat brave idea it was to bring out a new & selected and to whom I’m truly grateful.

As a small taster, here’s the title poem …

Out of Silence

(Squaw Valley, 1995)

How the light diffuses round house corners;
redwood walls, the breaking colour of packed earth,
ochre in the mouth.

The red woodpecker testilly chiselling sap from a small ash
the only sound in the valley.