Old School Fashion Man

So there I was, striking what someone called my Old School Fashion Man pose down in the South of France at Villeneuve Lez Avignon (see here) …

… and here are some of the results, from the lens of Icelandic photographer, Nanna Dis …

France 2014 © Nanna Dis 2014

France 2014 © Nanna Dis 2014


France 2014 © Nanna Dis 2014

France 2014 © Nanna Dis 2014

Considering what she had to work with, pretty impressive you might agree. Please take the time to check out Nanna’s web site


7 thoughts on “Old School Fashion Man

  1. Glad you approve. But, hmm, problem(s), Auntie – 1. As things stand there may well be no more books to jacket and 2. the publisher – correctly – would have to buy the rights via the photographer’s agency.

  2. Auntie M is aghast! No more books!! All right, we knew Charlie was definitely retired to that park bench but really, NO more books? Not a Frank Elder or a story here or there???

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