7 thoughts on “Photography: Fall of Paris

  1. I’ve almost completed an 8-week lecture series at The Photographers Gallery ‘The History of Photography’ great stuff. Did you forfeit the Masters to finish up the promotional year?

  2. Yes, that and working towards a couple of other projects; but I’ve thought about doing that course or similar at the Ph G before, so it’s good to know it’s so worthwhile. I’m taking some evening courses at the Courtauld early next year.

  3. Lecturer, Roger Hargreaves – excellent. I missed the boat on a course last year on British photography but haven’t regretted it once as this a comprehensive overview and terrific accompaniment to art history. My classmate (both of us girly swots who sit on the front row (actually we’ve both hard of hearing) is Alike Braine, lovely). Have your cultural paths crossed? She a freelance lecturer, National Gallery being just one. Courthauld sounds interesting, I fought through the crush last week at the Egon Shiele, felt at times there were 2 artists at work.

  4. I’ll think seriously about signing up next year. Haven’t come across Alike to the best of my knowledge. Might give the Shiele a miss – all that naked flesh!

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