The Downbeat Beauty of John Harvey’s Charlie Resnick

Michael Carlson – writer, critic, sports journalist and cultural commentator – has written a generous pieceĀ aboutĀ the Resnick books and my work more generally. This is his introduction, from his blog, Irresistible Targets. It is, without doubt, one of the most pleasing considerations of my work that I’ve seen and I’m grateful to Michael for it. I’d urge anyone interested in the Resnick books, or the wider aspects of my writing, to give it a little time.

I’ve written a heartfelt appreciation of John Harvey, and his best-known character, Charlie Resnick on the occasion of the publication of the 12th, and apparently last, Resnick novel, Darkness, Darkness. You can find the piece at the Windmill Books website, here, and I’d suggest reading all the way to the end, and following the link to the wonderful John Coltrane version of Tadd Dameron’s ‘Good Bait’, to which I refer in the text (Resnick prefers Eric Dolphy’s version, by the way). Ave et vale, Resnick.